Western Art by Ken Brown Pioneer

Western Art

Remembering the Shootout
13″X 16″ Pencil Drawing

In the 1800’s…
Indian Territory [Oklahoma] was a dangerous place to live.
In the new town of Ingals, the largest shootout in the history of the U.S. Marshals
took place with part of the Wild Bunch from the Doolin/Dalton Gang.
The 3 hour shootout riddled local buildings, leaving two civilians and two Marshals dead.
Today you might see dark-figures in the shadows.

Dedicated to the memory of those who fought
here on Sept. 1, 1893


web dream ranch

Dream Ranch
9″X 15 3/4″ Pencil Drawing

You may have heard…
about a famous place called The Chicken Ranch
The Dream Ranch was also brothel.
Built in 1895, it operated as a “House of Ill Repute” and is rumored to been haunted since 1910.
After 100 years this ranch house is now abandoned… however, this is how I’ll always remember it.


web pioneer home site

Yesterday’s Home Site
9″X 15 3/4″ Pencil Drawing

Though the house is long gone it’s still a beautiful site.
Walking down the road before it got night,
I heard the windmill groan for the dwelling that was just right.
Old memories are shone at yesterday’s home site.
(a place down the road from our farm)


web salt tank

Salt Tank
9″X 15 3/4″ Pencil Drawing

Salt Tank…
it’s in the middle of nowhere.
Well, its a long ways in Texas
about twelve miles from May.
No planes, no trains… nor hardly a car.
When you visit the ranch the mind is at ease.
And Salt Tank cemetary lets the dead Rest in peace.


Native Retreat

Native Retreat
8″X 10″ Graphite Drawing

The Indian teepee has a way of stirring the imagination.
Getting back to nature became a reality at Meadowlake Ranch.

Rust in Peace 72 dpi email

Rust In Peace
12″X 16″ Drawing

While researching for an outlaw cave near Yale, OK I was warned by local residents about snakes and mountain lions.
In the woods my friend Keith and I walked softly and carried big sticks. We found this old Chevy along an old trail… but not the cave.

Back from Cimmeria 72 dpi email

Back From Cimmeria
15″ x 22″ Graphite Drawing

While writing Conan the Barbarian…
the author, Robert E. Howard shouted out his stories about the barbaric jungles of Cimmeria.
After typing in his bedroom all night, he came back to the absolute contrast of home.

Ranch Heritage

The Barn
12″X 16″ Pencil Drawing

This classically simple barn was built in 1935 with salvaged oil field lumber.
After our farm expanded operations we had several barns. They all had names …
this one was simply called “the barn”.


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Ken Brown Pioneer

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