the Artist, Ken Brown Pioneer
House portraits make wonderful gifts and bring fond memories.
I’d love to draw your house portrait or create other meaningful
artwork for you with my talents, love and respect for family history and home sites.

FREE ESTIMATES: Please call me and we’ll discuss plans for your new art. You may also contact me via email or Snail Mail.
Please send up to 10 images along with your request by email (please attach only a couple at a time so my computer will receive them). If you want any “mailed” photos returned you must include a SASE with them.

To give you an accurate estimate I will need to know what size you want, how detailed or complex you want it to look and if there are any changes you would like from the way it is today or in your photograph.
There are several ways for me to create your House Portrait:

A. I can create your house portrait by using your photos as reference material.
B. I can travel to your place to create a more personal and unique art piece for you. There I can get a feel for the place, experience its history, explore different view-points and do Plein Air Compositions to give the art more feeling.
and C. If there are no photographs and the house no longer exists I can draw it from your memory. A little more difficult but not impossible.

Prices for a Customized house portrait:
An 8″x 10″ image begins at $350.
An 11″ x 14″ image starts at $500.
For sizes 12″ x 16″ and larger, prices start at $3.50 per square inch.

Thank you,
~ Ken Brown Pioneer

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