ILLUSTRATIONS by Ken Brown Pioneer


Watching NASA

The Astronaut
12″ x 24″ Colored Pencil

The night MAN landed on the moon… the water tower was the highest point we could watch from.


12″ X 16″ Pencil Drawing

Tulsa Time


Tulsa: Oil Capitol of the World.
A unique composition of Tulsa’s historic cityscape includes
the oldest house in town and the famous Creek Council Oak.

Shattered Dreams
Shattered Dreams email

Ken Brown Pioneer
12″ x 12″ Pencil Drawing

My interpretation of Pioneer, TX after the Oil-boom went bust.
(This pencil drawing was done to encourage perseverance and
give hope to those going through difficult times)


Union Depot email
Jazz Depot
18″X 18″ Drawing

The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in Tulsa.

Hitting the Road
Hitting the Road email

Ken Brown Pioneer
15″ x 30″ Acrylic on canvas

Matt Brown (my son) chose this painting for the cover of his debut album
“Of All Places” by Lost Day Syndrome.

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Ken Brown Pioneer

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  1. Your drawings are incredible stunning, beautiful, & thought provoking. Some capture a part of our history and others tap into the mysterious world of great writers. Always enjoy your work.

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