HOUSE PORTRAITS by Ken Brown Pioneer


web down county road
Down County Road
12″ X 16″ Graphite Drawing

Storms, vandals and “Father Time” had already taken
a toll on this home when I got the request to draw it…
But here it is like long ago with the porch light on.


Uncle Jim's Porch email
Uncle Jim’s Porch
9″ x 12″ Graphite Drawing

Everyone in the area called my Great-Grandfather; “Uncle Jim”.
He moved heavy equipment with teams of mules in the early days of the oil-patch.
After the Oil-field went bust with The Great Depression he started moving buildings as a mainstay.
Until then he had always rented a house, so he took an abandoned restaurant from Pioneer, TX and hauled it to his farm.
Here, he made his home and later retired to the porch.


Back from Cimmeria 72 dpi email

Back From Cimmeria
15″ x 22″ Graphite Drawing

While writing Conan the Barbarian…
the author, Robert E. Howard shouted out his stories about the barbaric jungles of Cimmeria.
After typing in his bedroom all night, he came back to the absolute contrast of home.


The Brady House email
The Brady Mansion
15,3/4″ X 21″ Graphite Drawing

The Tate Brady home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Built in 1920,
this mansion was patterned after General Robert E. Lee’s home in Arlington, Virginia.


Your Standard Shack
12” x 16” Pencil Drawing

Built in the 1920’s, these are a couple of Oil-field shanties still standing in the town of Pioneer, Texas.
Back then Pioneer had close to 30,000 residents… now there’s only about 50 people living there.
Memories of yesterday.

Black Gold

12” x 16” Pencil Drawing

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